online events

Our online forums and discussions lists provide an opportunity for people to discuss a range of current issues without the need to achieve consensus or develop plans of action.

In presenting online events, the CRC uses open-source software, with particular appreciation for PhpBB and Drupal. PhpBB involves a group of individuals, based internationally, who believe in opensource software. Their goal remains unchanged and clear; to continue developing and supporting a stable, free, opensource forum system. Drupal similarly results from international, (primarily) volunteer efforts of people interested in making a collaborative content management system freely available.

We welcome your suggestions for other online events and ideas as well as your participation in those that are ongoing...

Healthy Communities Web Forum

~ This forum is currently closed. ~

The Healthy Communities Web Forum is a space for ongoing social discourse on the philosophies and practices surrounding healthy communities. We hope the forum offers visitors and participants an opportunity to share information, get to know one another, build networks, exchange ideas, or search through the storehouse of knowledge that the forum contains.

One of the interests of the CRC is to experiment with the use of online technology to facilitate community process. Using the content management system Drupal <> - which enables collaborative editing of an online space - "" was developed as one such experiment. (As noted elsewhere, this site is also a Drupal installation.)